Our Dunnville location services we offer

Swedish Massage

A swedish massage aims to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension. Swedish massage is gentler than deep tissue massage and better suited for people interested in relaxation and tension relief.

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Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage targets deep layers of muscle and the surrounding tissues by applying firm pressure. People may choose this type of massage to treat sports injuries or chronic pain. 

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Reiki Energy Healing 

Reiki Energy Healing is a holistic healing where a person receives energy by the practitioner to promote wellness in the body. Reiki promotes peace of mind, eases stress and anxiety, promotes pain relief, increases recovery rate & strengthens the immune system.


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Emotional Energy Healing

Holding onto heavy emotions in the body can cause us to feel depleted, unhappy, and stuck. Your Emotional Energy Guide will work with you through processing and releasing childhood trauma, past life trauma and current emotional patterns that are no longer serving you. Releasing trapped emotions from past experiences can be a freeing experience and one that leaves you feeling a sense of peace & calm within. 

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Prenatal & Postnatal Massage

Prenatal massage focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the changes of pregnancy. It enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and relieves mental and physical fatigue. By relieving pain, improving mood, reducing anxiety, and improving sleep, prenatal massage can help make the pregnancy and after birth smooth. It can help with depression both during and after the pregnancy, and it has been shown to be safe when applied properly. 

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Aromatherapy Stress

& Tension Rescue

A beautifully relaxing treatment focusing on soothing the senses with your choice of essential oil. Focusing the massage on the head, neck & shoulder, ending with a scalp massage accessing pressure points to leave stress & tension.

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Massage with Cupping Therapy

Using silicone cups as suction, cupping therapy works to improve blood flow and circulation.  People may choose this type of massage to treat areas of chronic tension, reduce scar tissue and promote cell repair. This treatment involves both cupping and massage therapy. 

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An alternative medicine technique where an image of the iris is taken and used to examine patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris to determine information about a patient's health.

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Holistic Nutrition 

Whether your concern is Diabetes, Menopause or General Health & Wellness, Debralyn Griffin offers one on one Health Consultations to develop a plan to reach your health & wellness goals. Meal planning, lifestyle changes, herbal remedies and supplements will be discussed to determine the right plan for you.  

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Choose from Classic Eyelash Extensions, Hybrid Lashes or Lash Lift & Tint and have our professional lash expert do her magic!

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Experience total relaxation while your feet are pampered. 

Treatment starts with a light cleanse of your feet and then rhythmic pressure is applied to the reflexes in your feet to create balance, healing and relaxation.

According to the theory, the reflexologist's application of pressure points on the feet sends a calming message from the peripheral nerves to the central nervous system, which in turn signals the body to adjust the tension level. This enhances overall relaxation and brings internal organs and their systems into a state of optimum functioning.

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Osteopathic Manual Therapy

Osteopathy is a manual form of therapy that emphasizes the relationship between the structure and function of the human body. Through manipulations and mobilizations, the Osteopath aims to help the body self-heal and self-regulate by bringing the body back into its proper state of alignment. 

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Come in and enjoy one of our many Esthetic Services. Waxing, Threading, Tinting, Teeth Whitening 

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Enjoy a beautifully relaxing Facial. Choose the one that works best for your skin care needs; Acne Rescue Facial, Deep Cleansing & Rejuvenating Facial, Anti-Aging Facial, Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning.

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